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Back spasm

What is Back Spasm?

Back pain that feels like a dull ache, but with a sharp pain in a specific area. Patients in past have described it as;

Back spasm usually in the lower back and prevents the patient from moving. The best is to treat it as soon as possible – ASAP. Delay in treatment will “set in” and will need many more treatments. Also, delay in treatment can be the reason for the condition to repeat in one’s life.

If a spasm in the back spreads to other areas, back spasms can affect the whole body.

It can at times develop from an intensive sports workout from the day before, that did not have a warm-up or cool-down!


Lower back spasms can be provoked by seemingly routine movements for which your back may not be adequately prepared, such as bending down or twisting. Individuals who neglect proper warm-up or cool-down routines before physical activities are more susceptible to experiencing back spasms. These spasms often occur as a result of previous injuries or inflammation in the area that have gone untreated and persist in the body.

For some individuals, the underlying cause may be relatively minor, like a mild strain. However, in more serious cases, a significant underlying condition, such as a herniated or ruptured spinal disc, may be responsible. In such cases, our services at 2Zone Therapy can offer substantial relief, and those with mild strains are guaranteed a remarkable 97% recovery rate.

Back pain can also be attributed to work-related factors, including poor posture, improper lifting techniques, prolonged periods of sitting at a computer, and a lack of physical activities that support spinal health.

If a patient has a severe strain, our team at 2Zone Therapy will assess whether we can provide assistance and to what extent. For patients who choose not to proceed with treatment, they will only be charged for our home visit fee.

Patients are billed at the full treatment rate solely if they decide to commence treatment.


At 2Zone Therapy, we are committed to your well-being and the effectiveness of our treatments. We guarantee the following:

  • Minimum Treatment Duration:
    The treatment of back spasms typically requires a minimum of 6 hours. If additional time is necessary for your specific case, our therapists will provide clear guidance from the outset. This time can be allocated in one session or spread over the course of one week for your convenience.
  • Improved Mobility: We assure you that you will experience an enhanced level of mobility after completing our treatment. The extent of this improvement will be tailored to the severity of your back spasm.
  • Post-Treatment Support: It’s common to experience some muscle discomfort after treatment. To facilitate a swift and comfortable recovery, we will provide you with a personalized plan of exercises and stretches.


Our guarantee reflects our commitment to your health and recovery. Your well-being is our top priority, and we stand by the effectiveness of our treatment protocols.


Surgery is recommended solely in cases where an MRI reveals a bulging or herniated disc causing sensations of pins and needles or numbness in the hands or feet.

For mild conditions of back spasms, surgery is not required! Reach out to us at +972 532 8282 59, and let’s have a conversation about your specific condition.

Below actual testimonial from a patient who was disabled with a back spasm and after two sessions with 2zone therapy has full mobility.