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Treatment at Clinic 1st Session

Prior to any treatments, we perform a consultation, here is where we understand your history and any issues you want us to address. During which is determined if we can help you become pain-free, and if so in how many sessions. At this juncture you can decide to stay for the treatment, which lasts a further one hour, to include the actual treatment and some advice at the end.

If the patient does not wish to have a treatment they pay us fees for the consultation. All notes are handed to them as they leave. Should they change their mind at a later date depending on the time differential the consultation may be usable, if not new consultation is required at additional cost.

We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa) or BIT or even BitCoin if you like 🙂

Treatment at Clinic – Repeat Session

Select the date and time you like the treatment! Call us on +972 532 8282 59 to make a booking.

Treatment at your Location

We offer homes, offices and hotel visits. Please call us to make a booking on +972 532 828259. We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards (Master Card or Visa) or BIT

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