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Muscular Pain

I am El-Azar Levy, the developer of 2Zone Therapy©. Treating your body using a holistic approach, gives you the quickest, longest-lasting treatment. 2Zone Therapy when used with NMT (Neuro Muscular Technique), MET (Muscle Energy Technique), is the best solution to overcome muscle injuries. Having helped 100s of clients in the UK, and since 2016 in Israel helping people to have pain free lives. 2Zone Therapy is the best treatment.

Muscular Pain – Myalgia

is best cured using a holistic approach such as 2Zone Therapy. Reasons to choose 2Zone Therapy, are many but at the end of the day two factors are essential to you, length of time you suffer in pain, and how many sessions you must do. Unlike other therapies, 2Zone therapy cures you faster. Fewer treatments, not only means, faster recovery, but also in longer-term, more money in your pocket. Therefore, your recovery is far faster when treated by 2Zone Therapy. From the 1st session, you realize, that 2Zone therapy is not a standard massage. It is not relaxing, it is a treatment to help you overcome myalgia. Read or listen to a few of the testimonials, that is not doctored. The clients say what they were suffering from, and how soon they saw a benefit in the treatment. We are qualified in the treatments provided, therefore it is no wonder why we have had such success in the past 17 years in treating clients. Furthermore, we are the only company in Israel qualified to use the 2Zone Therapy Technique.

Elazar Levy in Clinic Hod Hasharon

How many treatments

Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we create a personalized case study to track your progress from start to finish. This ensures that we have a clear understanding of your condition and helps us estimate the number of sessions required for treatment. If you decide not to proceed with the treatment, you can pay the consultation fee and take your notes. However, we recommend keeping your case study in case you change your mind and decide to return for treatment. Please note that a repeat consultation will be chargeable without the original notes.

After the first two sessions, most clients experience a significant reduction in pain or complete relief, with some reporting up to 97% pain reduction. Please note that the level of recovery may vary based on factors such as age and the duration of the condition. For more information, refer to the graph on the right.

At times repeat sessions are required.

Use the appointment book below to book a Therapy session and take advantage of the FREE consultation

We have a policy of no charge if we cannot help you. We only accept payment after confirming that we can assist with your condition, and upon your agreement to proceed with our services. If you choose not to proceed, there are no fees payable. If you decide to undergo treatment, you pay the fee at the end of each session. Occasionally, we offer clients the option to pay for the second session upfront. Please feel free to inquire about this option with your therapist.

Going back to school

In 2002, I began my training in ITEC Anatomy, Physiology, and Massage, which delved deeply into the human body’s structure and function. The course covered general massage techniques and taught proper therapist positioning to prevent injury. It was a humbling experience, as I realized how much knowledge I needed to absorb. The following year, I pursued Reflexology, which taught me to heal various conditions using reflex points located in the hands, feet, and ears. I graduated with credit and was one of the top students in my class.

Next, I enrolled in ITEC Sports Massage, which provided me with full knowledge of how the body operates. I was awarded the best student award during the graduation ceremony. Over the next few years, I completed studies in Neuromuscular and Muscle Energy Techniques, Lymphatic Drainage, and Acupressure. My goal was to use my knowledge to help others achieve pain-free lives.

After creating 2Zone Therapy©, I came to the realization that I had discovered a remarkably easy way to reduce muscular pain, one that no one had previously discovered. Using this technique, I can help you swiftly and effectively alleviate muscular pain.

Recovery verses age and sessions

I have helped or cured the following conditions

1st session is comprised of 20 minutes of consultation, followed by 50 minutes of treatment.

How long does it take to recover